The Great Compost Adventure

I don’t know why composting is so exciting but it is! We both absolutely love it. There is something magical, alchemical about turning so-called waste into mythical loam! It’s an incredibly satisfying process. I mean if you think about it – waste didn’t exist until we humans invented it. And now we have all these storage and pollution problems with our waste products. I don’t know the statistics but I reckon that 80% of the stuff we call waste can be easily composted or recycled. The rest – well we should stop making it or find a way to recycle it or make people pay to deal with it! Continue Reading


recycling everything…

Hi friends,

Goodness gracious a LOT has been happening here at the farm. Its hard to know where to begin updating you all. Life has become so full, it feels like every moment of every day there is something fun to do… And always more jobs and projects waiting for your attention. Continue Reading

What a way to make a living…

Hello friends,

It feels like it has been a while between updates.

Right now, its 5.18am, and we are on the road to the farm. It’s raining heavily outside. The weather forecast predicts rain all week. We are praying for dry weather for next Wednesday – our big moving day! But rain, hail or shine, we will be moving in less than a week, and that’s both amazingly exciting and stunningly sobering! Continue Reading