our first year


Panorama with The Pinnacle in view

In December last year, we had just arrived to live on the farm. We were excited about the change, but nervous about how we would cope with all we were about to face. We had the support of Rod & Tania, experienced organic farmers, yet still it felt like a huge leap into an unknown way of life. Would we cope with the physical labour 5 days a week? Would we make good farmers? Would we be able to establish deep and honest relationships with the others on the farm? Could we manage and enjoy life in a 16-foot caravan? What about the extremes of weather that we would experience out here, living so exposed to nature – would we survive those? Continue reading


Change of Season

cropped-p1000527.jpgHello wonderful world!

It’s been a full & productive time on the farm of late. We are slowly moving out of our busy season and into the slower Summer season. Many of the Winter staples have gone, such as European Spinach, English Spinach, Dill, Dandelion, Flat Leaf Parsley, Ginger, Tumeric, Sweet Potato and Celery. Others are on their last legs, like Coriander, Bok Choy and Silverbeet. Broccoli and Cauliflowers will be over shortly too!! It’s sad to see our winter veges go, but we are equally excited to see all the new fruits and veges growing away madly! I cannot wait to taste new season Pumpkin or Zucchini’s for example! Oh my God and Watermelon!! Crikey…
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the landing pad

Hi friends,

This is Michelle writing tonight on behalf of us both and I am VERY excited to fill you in on the latest from the farm. Our little plot has just been cleared this afternoon! The good weather held out long enough to let Ronnie get the job done. It looks incredible and I was lucky to be there today and get some images of the site being finished. Continue Reading

field trips and farm tours

Hey readers,

We have had another gigantic week…that’s the only way they seem to be coming right now! Since making the decision 3 weeks ago, things have really been moving forward. With only 8 weeks until Michelle closes her Psychology practice and 10 weeks before we need to be packed, cleaned and out of this house – there’s a stack of stuff to organise. And we are squeezing in a trip to the gorgeous Hunter Valley to see Dolly Parton before we move out of Byron Bay. Continue Reading

Figs, pecans, maple syrup…

Week 3 – 2nd August 2011

Learning to propagate from cuttings

This week was very interesting in our Organic Farming course. In the morning we focused on propagating plants, hardwood trees in today’s case, from cuttings. Hardwood trees include figs, grapes, kiwi fruit, maple syrup tree and pecans… Sounds like a smorgasbord already. There are also some notable ornamental (non fruiting) hardwood varieties too, such as Crepe Myrtle, Gingko Biloba, Mock Orange and May Bush. I believe we will be covering semi-hards and soft woods in coming weeks. Continue reading…

A post about…



It’s Thursday night. Farming was yesterday and I have just finished a day in my Psychology practice. It’s 9pm. Rachel has gone off to meditate and I am here writing. I started to write last night when I came home and then the computer froze so I lost everything I had written. They were just notes, and somehow it felt okay. It caused me to reflect on what I might need or want to write instead. I didn’t come up with anything and fell asleep.

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