Newbie farmers

It has now been about 6 months since we chucked in our professional careers, and our comfortable beach-side lifestyle to move an hour inland and set up our lives on an operational organic farm, just outside a small rural village of barely 300 people. We officially arrived here on the 5th December last year. Continue Reading


Farming is fun!


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Hi all, Just finished a great day at TAFE – getting our hands dirty, planting more veggies in our patch and doing our first round of weeding. It’s just so satisfying, it can’t even be explained! When we got home … Continue reading

Ups and downs

Evening all,

It’s Wednesday and we are both home resting today as Rachel has continued to struggle with a chest infection and Michelle is feeling physically exhausted after a huge day at TAFE yesterday (will do a post on that later). It’s a little disappointing not to be at the farm helping out and learning. We both really miss it when we cannot make it for some reason. It’s exciting to find something that you love being involved with as much as we love being involved with growing food. But the practical realities are that Michelle requires rest so that she has enough energy to bring in some money to pay bills, and Rachel has to rest if she is going to recover from her infection. Rest, rest and more rest… Continue reading…

Eating just got better!

Evening all,

One of the most wonderful aspects of growing your own food has to be the joy of preparing and eating your produce after harvest. We are in the midst of this pleasurable activity right now, having just returned home from our Organic farming course. We feel that eating food that you have grown yourself, has to be one of the most deeply satisfying experiences in the world. Continue reading…

Growing food means cooking food…

Hello World,

It’s Rachel here… Michelle has been doing such a great job keeping up with the blogging, I’ve been mainly in the background so far, but I thought I’d get on and share some of what’s happening in the kitchen since we’ve started farming, because the growing of food really gets me more excited than ever about cooking food! Continue reading…