falling off the earth

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Well, you just might have been wondering if we had dropped off the face of the earth…it’s been more than 3 months since our last post!! It’s been so long that I had to check our blog just to see what I had written last time I posted. It’s interesting to see that I was talking a lot about the ways we were falling out of touch with the world – how this in many ways has been the whole point of our adventure. And then bang! We dropped right off the planet! Nothing like going deeply into a process! And I have to say, I can highly recommend it.

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Newbie farmers

It has now been about 6 months since we chucked in our professional careers, and our comfortable beach-side lifestyle to move an hour inland and set up our lives on an operational organic farm, just outside a small rural village of barely 300 people. We officially arrived here on the 5th December last year. Continue Reading

Red light, green light

I am sitting on the floor of the caravan as I write this blog. Harry has just crept out of his under-the-bed-den to come and snuggle in my lap. Rach has gone to bed early coz she isn’t feeling 100 percent today. It’s 8.05pm. I’m writing this blog from my laptop, although we have no internet in the van, I can post it later from up at the office in daylight hours. It’s nice to be writing from the comfort of my home – a luxury I haven’t enjoyed since leaving Byron some 4 and a half months ago. Continue Reading

recycling everything…

Hi friends,

Goodness gracious a LOT has been happening here at the farm. Its hard to know where to begin updating you all. Life has become so full, it feels like every moment of every day there is something fun to do… And always more jobs and projects waiting for your attention. Continue Reading

getting settled

Hi everyone,

It’s great to be here…and here is…Luffley’s Cafe, Murwillumbah. We are on our way to Byron for the evening to visit a friend, and we are taking this brief opportunity to re-connect with you all as we have absolutely no reception at the farm (and currently no computer either). It would be an understatement of mammoth proportions to say it has been a big couple of weeks. But we are pleased to report that the move is now complete, the cleaning at our old house finalised, and we are happily ensconced on the farm. Continue Reading

the landing pad

Hi friends,

This is Michelle writing tonight on behalf of us both and I am VERY excited to fill you in on the latest from the farm. Our little plot has just been cleared this afternoon! The good weather held out long enough to let Ronnie get the job done. It looks incredible and I was lucky to be there today and get some images of the site being finished. Continue Reading

field trips and farm tours

Hey readers,

We have had another gigantic week…that’s the only way they seem to be coming right now! Since making the decision 3 weeks ago, things have really been moving forward. With only 8 weeks until Michelle closes her Psychology practice and 10 weeks before we need to be packed, cleaned and out of this house – there’s a stack of stuff to organise. And we are squeezing in a trip to the gorgeous Hunter Valley to see Dolly Parton before we move out of Byron Bay. Continue Reading