seasonal recipes

As we are learning to grow food organically, we are also learning to cook and eat according to the seasons. This is an incredibly exciting way to cook, and is stretching our taste buds and our cooking skills – but hopefully not our waist-lines!! We are beginning to learn more about necessary practices to do with storing foods, although we haven’t had much opportunity to practice these yet. We also hope to expand into making our own foods, such as cheeses, jams, chutneys, breads and perhaps even wines!! Rachel is mostly in the kitchen at the moment, although we both love to cook. We hope you enjoy these recipes, we only put the ones we love up to share!!

Winter (Jun-Aug)

Spring (Sept-Nov)

Summer (Dec- Feb)

Autumn (Mar-May)

  • Risotto a la Sweet Potato (coming soon)

2 thoughts on “seasonal recipes

  1. What a gr8 idea !! Recipes arranged according to respective seasons – not just simply recipes suited to the weather/climate of each season but also recipes based on the availabilty of fresh ingedients which obviously differs season to season. This recent addition to your site is most welcome & appreciated. Your own photos (rather than those taken by others which sometimes may have been prepared by food stylists) are also gr8 & enhance the overall authenticity of your blogs !!

    • Hi Ian & Pam, really glad that you like this idea. It is one that Rachel has been particularly keen to get up and running, and I thought it was an excellent idea too! It’s been a real challenge for us to learn what to do with the vegies we are getting every week, because we are sticking to seasonal produce, this means our recipe choices are changing somewhat! I take the photos, and although I am no professional, I am enjoying the challenge of capturing fresh food as its being prepared 🙂 Hope you are both well & happy, thanks for all your support xx

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