Red light, green light

I am sitting on the floor of the caravan as I write this blog. Harry has just crept out of his under-the-bed-den to come and snuggle in my lap. Rach has gone to bed early coz she isn’t feeling 100 percent today. It’s 8.05pm. I’m writing this blog from my laptop, although we have no internet in the van, I can post it later from up at the office in daylight hours. It’s nice to be writing from the comfort of my home – a luxury I haven’t enjoyed since leaving Byron some 4 and a half months ago. Continue Reading


Growing into new roles

Since the time of our last post there has been some significant changes to our various roles on the farm. Rach has moved onto seedlings and Michelle is now taking care of irrigation up top in the fields. We are both loving our new jobs. It has been an exciting and challenging time for us both learning our new roles around the farm. Continue Reading

recycling everything…

Hi friends,

Goodness gracious a LOT has been happening here at the farm. Its hard to know where to begin updating you all. Life has become so full, it feels like every moment of every day there is something fun to do… And always more jobs and projects waiting for your attention. Continue Reading

Risotto a la Sweet Potato

Sweet spuds and vine tips

I am so excited to be sharing a new recipe that I have just created and prepared using one of the vegetables we have in abundance right now – sweet potatoes. We have recently discovered that you can eat the tips and leaves of the sweet potato vine (which grows voraciously), and they are quite tasty and hold together well. So, I thought I would combine the tuber and the vine here, with some garlic, white wine and fresh herbs, and make one of my favourite dishes – RISOTTO! Continue Reading

Our Special Veg Spag Bog (Vegetarian Spaghetti Bolognese)

This recipe is like an old friend. We have been cooking it for years and it has stood the test of time. The idea origainally came from a cookbook by Rose Elliot, a famous British Vegetarian Cookery Writer. We didn’t find the original recipe actually worked as it was written, so we have adjusted the ingredients and made it our own. In addition to the ingredients listed below we have recently discovered that adding a layer of roasted beetroot slices, between the pasta and the bolognese topping worked really well. So this is a great recipe base into which you can throw whatever roasted vege’s you have leftover. Continue Reading