our first year


Panorama with The Pinnacle in view

In December last year, we had just arrived to live on the farm. We were excited about the change, but nervous about how we would cope with all we were about to face. We had the support of Rod & Tania, experienced organic farmers, yet still it felt like a huge leap into an unknown way of life. Would we cope with the physical labour 5 days a week? Would we make good farmers? Would we be able to establish deep and honest relationships with the others on the farm? Could we manage and enjoy life in a 16-foot caravan? What about the extremes of weather that we would experience out here, living so exposed to nature – would we survive those? Continue reading


falling off the earth

Picture 1

Well, you just might have been wondering if we had dropped off the face of the earth…it’s been more than 3 months since our last post!! It’s been so long that I had to check our blog just to see what I had written last time I posted. It’s interesting to see that I was talking a lot about the ways we were falling out of touch with the world – how this in many ways has been the whole point of our adventure. And then bang! We dropped right off the planet! Nothing like going deeply into a process! And I have to say, I can highly recommend it.

Continue reading

paradigmatic ponderings

A number of people have asked me if I miss my old career as a Psychologist – a career I held for exactly 20 years. The answer I give is simple ‘no’. That might make it sound as though I didn’t enjoy my work – when in fact I loved it. Working with people, sharing their stories, holding a space for them to explore and grow, being invited into the deepest thoughts and feelings of another human being – I will always consider these experiences to be remarkable and profound. I cherish the time I spent in this career and all of the people I met over those 20 years. Continue Reading

harder, better, faster, stronger

Its universal, isn’t it? No-one wants to be the slowest, the weakest, the worst at something… As a species, we have a hard time loving our weaknesses. We all wanna be “harder, better, faster, stronger” as the Daft Punk tune says. Continue Reading

life imitates art

Hello friends,

All has been travelling quite smoothly with us here at Adventures in Growing. It has been just 5 weeks since we talked with Rod and Tania about moving to the farm; there’s only 6 weeks left until Michelle finishes up her career as a Psychologist, and 8 weeks until we move to the farm. So much is happening every day in preparation for this change, its hard to know what to share with you… We are largely focused on the practical aspects of getting ready to leave Byron Bay and move ourselves into our new home at the farm. And we are downsizing significantly. Continue Reading

people’s reactions

Hi friends,

One of the fascinating aspects of this journey has been people’s many and varied reactions to the changes we are planning to make. For the most part, people have been really excited and even inspired by our decision to chuck in our regular lives and move out to the farm. Some have been directly or indirectly jealous in their reaction to us, clearly wishing to change something in their own lives but not quite able to do it right now. We perceive this as a inverted excitement – as the person would be excited if only they were doing what you are doing. Others have chosen to respond in a cautious or even negative way to this change. Mostly this reaction has come from a place of concern and care from people who love us and want us to be safe and protected, and who fear we may be taken advantage of in this unusual situation. Continue Reading

field trips and farm tours

Hey readers,

We have had another gigantic week…that’s the only way they seem to be coming right now! Since making the decision 3 weeks ago, things have really been moving forward. With only 8 weeks until Michelle closes her Psychology practice and 10 weeks before we need to be packed, cleaned and out of this house – there’s a stack of stuff to organise. And we are squeezing in a trip to the gorgeous Hunter Valley to see Dolly Parton before we move out of Byron Bay. Continue Reading