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Adventures in Growing is Michelle McClintock:


Michelle McClintock is passionate about educating, empowering and inspiring communities to grow and consume local organic food, and for individuals to slow down and deepen their relationship with food, soil and body. She sees a future where urban farming, slow and simple living, and healthy eating are all central to a modern sustainable way of life, underpinning local food security, fostering healthy consumption patterns and serving as a central meeting place for community connections to be made and resilience built. 

With years of experience in commercial organic farming; formal studies in Organic Agriculture, and professional experience as a psychologist, facilitator, and public speaker, Michelle is uniquely positioned to contribute to the rise of both the urban agriculture and sustainable lifestyle movements in Australia as an inspirational speaker, personal coach, and of course, as a farmer.


4 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Absolutely awesome both the concept, challenging the status quo and a beautiful happy tribe of 3 beings…..bliss..I look foreward to following adventuresingrowing….even the name is snazz, clever chicks you are!…Live, love, laugh…and now a 4th one to cultivate nurture…..each other, yourselves and of course the land and you will rewarded beyond monetary gifts

    PS Bet Hazza came up with the name lol 🙂 Peace to you both, Martina

    • thanks Martina, actually we all came up with name during a brainstorm session – Harry was present of course! Really glad you like the look, feel and content 🙂 For us its just a great way to document this incredible journey we are on and will be fascinating to look back on in 12 months or more….Love Michelle x

  2. Hi folks just read some of your blog and wanted to say good on you! Gardening in any form is very rewarding but growing your own food is satisfying and to have that organic connection with the earth seems to have a calming effect also. Keep up the good work and happy growing!

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