The Year Marches On..

A Photo Journal – March 2012

Welcome once again to our Photo-Journal. We hope you have all had a fantastic month.

This month has seen our camera lens pointed at the wildlife on the farm, mostly looking for beneficial and harmful insects for our TAFE assignment on BUGS! Kookaburra’s also feature this month as they seem to have been extra active in recent weeks. Just last week we spotted a Kookaburra hanging from its beak, clinging to a leaf, trying to pry some larger bug from its hiding spot. It finally pulled its prey loose and flew away to a neighboring tree to crack the shell of the bug open – probably a large beetle or praying mantis.

Blue-winged Kookaburra

Above: This Kookaburra was just resting on a pole first thing in the morning. We erect these poles around the edges of the vegetable patches so that hunting birds can look for prey such as rats and mice and snakes. Mice and rats can be a real pest to our crops, but snakes also prey on these critters, so we are always sad to lose a snake.

Below: The Giant Robber Fly is a good bug to have on your farm, as they hunt and kill other insects which may be pests – also they just look really amazing!!

Giant Robber Fly

Giant Robber Fly

Below: The gorgeous Honey Bee – facing some serious extinction issues in recent times and definitely an area of ‘farming’ we would like to explore in the future.

Honey Bee

Honey Bee

An insect nasty – the 28 spotted Ladybird is a real pest, eating its way through a mountain of leaves in no time. Other Ladybirds with fewer spots are good to have as they kill aphids, mites and scale.

28 spotted Ladybird

Below: Just because I love them – another Robber Fly – this one a stunning red legged variety seen at another farm in the area.

Red Robber Fly

Cows walking to the dairy

We saw these cows walking to be milked a few days ago when we were heading into town. At the end of the line came the farmer, who said there were 150 cows in his herd!! We are talking about getting one maybe two milking cows at the farm as a step towards being more self-sufficient. Nothing like this operation.

Finally a picture of our gorgeous dog Harry – if you look carefully you will see the fly that he is about to try and catch. He is a superb fly catcher, and just grabs them as they fly past.

Harry the fly catcher...


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