February Foto Fiesta

Its been another fabulous month on the foto front! Rach has finally dug her camera out of the shipping container and gotten into the groove, and, well Michelle is always snapping away…

First up, this is the gang (minus Shelle & Rach) working hard in the field, weeding the sweet spuds… Tania in the foreground, Aidan in the mid-ground and Rod in the background – not to mention Molly the farm dog – she’s supervising the team!

the gang hard at it

This shot was taken on our first day in the fields after the huge downpours we received. Oh, we had some rain and we had some mud! We had quite a few days off altogether, and a few days in all our wet weather gear, braving the elements…

getting mucky

We have so many stunning mornings, and as Autumn draws closer they seem to be only getting better… this photo below is looking East towards Mt Warning (Wollumbin)

february sunrise over the fields

Another early morning capture – this one looking South-West towards the Pinnacle…

gorgeous baby greens

In this photo is Aidan, he is the main farm hand, Rod’s right hand man on the farm. He has been an awesome instructor to us since we have arrived, and is becoming a wonderful friend… He’s got the farming swagger down pat, we think!

As Chelle said above, I finally dragged my camera out of the shipping container and have been taking a few happy snaps, something I aspire to keep up. So below are a few photos that I’ve grabbed from our latest adventures…

Here we have Chelle in student mode, with requisite junk food – every students’ best friend (yes, even organic agriculture students 😉

We hope you like shots of these gorgeous mountains we’re surrounded by because we both love taking photos of them! Here’s one on sunrise with the clouds crawling their way over the edge of the mountain as the grass and crops begin to light up as they see the sun.

It’s not all sunrises, seedlings, clean fresh air and ute rides…. we’re into the serious chemistry of what it takes to grow food too you know! Here we have a couple of beakers used for an experiment at TAFE. One the right we have lime, which isn’t very soluble (and therefore takes longer to change pH in the soil) and on the left we have Sulfate of Potash, which is very soluble (and therefore can change the pH of the soil comparatively faster). I loved chemistry at school and so being at TAFE with beakers and chemical equations is really great for me and really compliments all the practical work we are doing learning to grow food and care for the soil.

One of the great thing about TAFE (as opposed to university study) is that we never spend too long on the academic side of things before we get out and do something practical. At TAFE, we play with the beakers, we look at the chemical equations and then we get out and get our hands dirty and use all our senses to get a better appreciation of different soil types. It’s great to see grown adults out in a class experiencing the wonder of nature by simply holding soil in their hand. It is really quite powerful, if you haven’t really held and smelt soil lately I recommend you do it – without delay – it makes you feel good (handy hint: the more dirty your hands get the better it feels!)

Here the photographer gets her photo taken….

And of course, a photo blog wouldn’t be complete without an image of Harry, who is our constant companion, ever present supervisor of our farming work, our super cute cuddly bear and possibly our guardian angel. Here Harry is contemplative about how his Mummy No.2 (that is Rachel) is going to fair weeding all these rows of sweet potatoes on her own.


8 thoughts on “February Foto Fiesta

  1. Great pics – I keep looking for the ‘like’ button 😀

    I’m so envious of your amazing journey, my little suburban vege patch just doesn’t measure up but I’m trying! 😉 And I’m about to do some research into grey water recycling by using soil & plants to filter the water thanks to an idea I grabbed from one of your earlier blogs. Thanks for sharing, it’s exciting to see your progress & I’m always looking forward to the next installment! 😀

    • Hey Jen, thanks so much for reading our blog and for sharing your passion with us! I don’t think it matters what size your garden is, its always a wonderful thing to be growing your own food and trying to live in a more sustainable way. Congratulations on the efforts you are making in your home. (P.S the like button is just beneath the post!! :)) Keep reading and keep growing…

  2. Aah, sometimes I dream of working on the land 🙂 Your photos make me almost envious. I relish the comfort of my job, but I think I’d enjoy get stuck into growing stuff! Thanks for sharing these photos – I really enjoyed catching up on your adventures 🙂

    • Charles, always lovely to hear from you! Envy must be the theme of this post!! I like to say “Envy is a great thing to put you in touch with your passions and hidden dreams” – I have used my own feelings of envy a lot to help me change direction and go for things I deeply and sometimes secretly wanted in my life. As many have said before me, you don’t need to own a farm to grow stuff. Even here on the farm, which is a commercial enterprise growing more than 30 different types of vegies, I get such a buzz from planting potatoes in an old crate, or some herbs just outside the van! I don’t know if you are growing anything at home now, but if not, then I say “Go for it”…

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