january photo journal

shadows across the valley

We are treated to some gorgeous views from where we grow food. Several friends have visited this month and all have been taken aback by the land and the scenery here. The shot above captured us all as we were farming, the valley cut into horizontal sections by the shadows…

a view through the grasses towards the Border Ranges at sunset

this shot was taken one afternoon, just up from our site, through the grasses, the light was just sublime…

a rainbow forms over the farm, early morning harvest

Another morning harvest, this time we were graced by a rainbow…i think the ute in the foreground makes this shot…with its missing door…yep, that’s one of our work utes!

looking towards mt warning at sunrise

Mt. Warning is beautiful anytime of day, but sunrise from our location, is something special…

a shaft of sunlight through clouds, early morning in the field

a spectacular start to the day on the farm

I woke up this morning and noticed the light outside was really something incredible, i through on some warm clothes, grabbed my camera bag and drove one minute down the road…I couldn’t believe what i was seeing – the whole valley looked like something out of a fairytale…

falling in love with this place

Once again, some grasses in the foreground, but this time they steal the show, taken on the same morning as the shot above – the light was truly spectacular that day…

If you are interested in seeing more of my photography, it can be viewed here:


Cheers, Michelle


2 thoughts on “january photo journal

  1. Wow, some of those photos are just stunning Michelle! I love the sun-rise one a lot – the colours are almost surreal!

    Thanks for the link to redbubble. I’ll be checking it out 🙂

    • Hey Charles, aren’t those colours incredible. I could hardly believe what i was seeing. Sometimes you just pinch yourself. be great to see what you think of my redbubble site – and be sure to check out some of the amazing artists on that site – really worth having a browse!

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