missing harry

Hello all,

By now, you are all familiar with Harry, our 4 year young Moodle pup. He’s usually our constant companion but at present he is away at his Grandparents while we pack and clean our home here in Byron. Like many animals, Harry finds the whole moving thing a wee bit stressful (don’t we humans too!!), so we asked Michelle’s folks to dog-sit through this transition phase. Anyway, it’s been 7 days and we are missing him like crazy, and as it turns out, so are some of our readers, so here’s a little collection of images Michelle took a couple of weeks back. This is typical of Harry the day after he has been at the farm….

7am: So tired....

8am: Oh this morning sun is lovely

10am: Just a little more rest

Lunch: Zzzzzzzz

2pm: Gosh, farming is hard work...

3pm: mmmm, thank God for soft furnishings

4pm: If I had to get up, I guess i could...

5pm: Is it time for bed yet?

Yep, he’s a pooped little puppy, but very fulfilled after a day at the farm.

Well, we will be in touch when we can over the coming week or two. Moving day is Wednesday. And then a few days of cleaning at our old house in Byron, before we can call ourselves full-time farmers! Yay 🙂


2 thoughts on “missing harry

  1. Aw dude, I want a dog so badly 😦 Photos of this little guy just make those wants worse! I have a cat – he’s cute, I love him very much, but blah… it’s not the same. He’ll give you love when he wants a warm place to burrow in, or some food but apart from that he’ll just lie on the couch eyeing you suspiciously. I knew only one cat in my life who I would prefer over a dog – we cat-sat for someone we knew one day and this cat was just… incredible. He would sit on the washing machine and go up on his hind legs and put his front paws over your shoulders as you went past for a hug. He’d come and boff your head with his… so loving and affectionate!… but dogs are where it’s at. You treat them right and you’ve got total, unconditional love.

    The look in their big brown eyes when they look at you sometimes… damn, just melts me 🙂

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