as day begins…

Mount Warning as day breaks


Misty mornings


"A little cool outside" says Harry


Winding country roads


clouds gathered on the ranges


early grazing


Glorious Wollumbin


ready for harvest



8 thoughts on “as day begins…

  1. Beautiful photos, really, so wonderful! I had no idea Australia was like that at all! Loving the one of Harry with his head outside the window! Too cute 😀 Thanks for sharing these 🙂

      • Well, my wife really wants to go there… I read horrible stories about bird-eating spiders and venomous snakes. Don’t forget – I’m from Europe, where the ground never shakes and the most dangerous insect is a wasp!! It would be a fabulous experience nevertheless though!

        • It’s true – we do have some serious creatures here – but honestly, you’re unlikely to run into them unless you go deep into the bush on your own. A friend from England who visited was pretty freaked by the size of our cockroaches and spiders…

    • Gorgeous morning, and worth getting out of bed for too! Although, I am a big fan of the cozy bed type situation as well! harry, our dog, is exhausted after 2 days farming and will spend most of the day sleeping on whatever soft furnishing he can find… Enjoy your day 🙂

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