up early, loving it

Brrrrrinnnnnnggggg…The sound of the alarm at 4am. Dark outside. Dreaming about chickens, weed-mat and road base. Up and shower. Some morning stretches. Kettle on. Prepare our gear. Boots. Gloves. Water. Two thermos’s full of tea. Lunch. Camera. Raincoats. Harry’s Driza-Bone and leash. Quick snack (first breakfast). Pack the car and we’re off. It’s 5.15am. Passenger chooses some tunes for the trip.

It’s always a beautiful drive. But at this hour its stunning in completely new ways. Moon and Stars visible as Sun rises behind us. Fog sleeps close to the ground. Colours more vibrant. Clouds cling to the mountains. Very little traffic on the roads. Peace and tranquility everywhere. Cows are awake. And crows.

Arrive at the farm 6.30am. Unpack our gear. Others arriving too. Rod, Aidan, Steve. It’s harvest time. Tool belts on. Load the truck with crates. All of us pile onto the ute. Rachel, Harry & Aidan take the front seat. Michelle, Rod and Steve on the back of the ute. Jobs sheet. Rachel is on Bok Choy, Dandelion and Shallots. Michelle is on Beetroots, Curly Kale and Green Beans. The guys are on Carrots, Radish, Kale, Rocket and Onions. We work hard. The clouds slowly lift off the mountains. The sun reaches our backs. The crates are full and loaded back on the truck. It’s 9.30am. We unload the pickings and store in the cool room. Radish & Beets go to the shed first for a bath. Morning tea. Second breakfast.

After morning tea. We head back to the fields. We pick strawberries. We eat strawberries. We get through this quickly and move onto weeding. Basil is getting over-run. The Sun will quickly kill the weeds we loosen up. It’s a good day for weeding. Then we are onto planting Ginger. We get 4 rows done and run out of Ginger. Aidan helps us dig up more, so we can do another 8 rows. The lunch bell rings and we pile into the ute.

Lunch is always a relaxed affair. Much talking. Stories. Laughing. Solving world issues. Chowing down. Soup for us today. Planning the afternoon activities as Rod is heading into town to grab a part for his Rotary Hoe. A meeting on Sustainable Agriculture tonight. The people want more local food. The Governments want to commercialise local markets. Rod will attend.

After lunch there’s just enough time to finish our weeding, cover the Strawberry rows and bring the Ginger in from the fields. We get down to the shed to find Michelle’s folks waiting with the caravan. It’s an exciting moment. Michelle’s dad manoeuvres the van skilfully onto our site. We open the van up and get shown where all the essential stuff is. As we are not going to be living in it now, we don’t set it up fully, but its incredible to have our new home unfolding. After Brian and Diane leave we take a few special moments to sit and take in our new reality. It’s breath-taking. The sound of the stream nearby, the birds in the trees. The sun sinking behind the mountains. Harry sitting before us, taking in his new home.

Some pictures from our day:

Morning clouds

Preparing for Harvest

Going picking


Our container and our van arrived over the past week:

Shipping container arrives....its been raining so we leave it on the access driveway. Ronnie will pick it up and move it where we want it when its dry...

Our new home; the Sun blessed us by staying out over the past 36 hours so our site was dry enough to drive the van straight on...

Site starting to take shape for our arrival...we can now start planning some paths, some garden beds, a spot for a tent (visitor accommodation); a shower and toilet...

Relaxing on site after the van delivery; Harry seems to like his new home.

Thanks Brian & Diane – we love our new home xx Thanks Rod for picking such a stunning site xo

Michelle, Rachel & Harry


4 thoughts on “up early, loving it

  1. Thos beans look AMAZING! You know, I was going to say “dandelion? Can you eat the stuff?” and then I remembered that they sell it here in French markets with the rather unfortunate name “pisse-en-lit” (sounds a bit like “pee on the bed” to me, would you believe it?). I never tried it though. Fabulous view – bet it must be amazing in the early morning and dusk!

    • Those beans tasted amazing too. I was lucky enough to be picking them, and as always when picking, there is munching and crunching… Rachel is the Dandelion picker, I think we use the Red variety on the farm, we had never heard of it or cooked it until maybe 8 months ago, now its a regular in our fridge…

      As for the view, we simply cannot wait to wake up there. We almost stayed over on Tuesday night, but we didn’t have things quite set up enough to make it possible. We are aiming to have our first sleep over next week… will be awesome to wake up in that location, ready to do a hard days work in the field…

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