the landing pad

Hi friends,

This is Michelle writing tonight on behalf of us both and I am VERY excited to fill you in on the latest from the farm. Our little plot has just been cleared this afternoon! The good weather held out long enough to let Ronnie get the job done. It looks incredible and I was lucky to be there today and get some images of the site being finished. Normally, we’d be at TAFE on a Tuesday, but Tania broke her ankle last week and so we decided to get out there and help out as much as we can this week. Rachel has been heading out most days (good on you sweetheart) and she has even taken Tania some books and videos to help her relax and enjoy her time off! She really deserves it; just a shame she had to injure herself in the process. Well, we are excited to share our future home site:

Site from above

Walking on the almost complete site this morning

Our site from the road 🙂

I don’t think either of us can quite digest that this will be our view every morning in just a few short weeks. Thanks Ronnie – you have done a fantastic job and thanks Rod for choosing such a wonderful site for us! There will be a little more tidying up for Ronnie to do tomorrow and then in the afternoon, our shipping container will be arriving and Ronnie will use his machine to place it in just the right position. Once this is in place, he can dig a final drain and level the site ready for the caravan, which my folks will bring out next week!!

Part way through today, Rod and Ronnie decided that the site wasn’t going to be large enough for the caravan and container – so they decided to clear a small section behind the flame tree (you can see this area to the left of the flame tree in the above photo). After clearing this area, they exposed a small rock pool and rainforest area just beside us. It’s really beautiful, and Rod joked with us that we could have his house, as he wanted to live in our caravan and sip drinks beside the rock pool!

Suddenly it is all coming together and in just enough time. Thursday this week will mark 3 weeks until I close my psychology practice and just 2 weeks after that we move from Byron Bay to the farm. There is still a great deal to do – especially now that Rachel is out at the farm most days, she won’t have much time to get things sorted here at home. And I am flat out finishing up with people and finalising paperwork – so who knows – we may have to call on the magic fairies to come and help us.

The fact that Tania is unable to leave her couch creates an opportunity for us to step up and take on some of her jobs. Essentially Tania is the backbone, the engine of the farm – she is the fastest, the most durable, the most versatile of us all. She manages many of the central aspects of the day to day operations at Summit. She prepares all the seedlings which go into the ground and she produces all the sprouts which are sold at Market. She is also the fastest one on the team at planting and harvesting. Without these essential tasks happening, the farm would grind to a halt – so its been absolutely necessary for everyone to pick up aspects of her role – and pick them up quickly. Mostly that means bringing us up to speed – since we’re the newbies. So today, Rachel and I got to grips with planting seedlings into trays and getting the sprouts started in trays. Rachel has also been getting to grips with the harvesting during the week – she even has her own tool belt now 🙂

With responsibility comes...tool belts

But back to today’s story. We planted 6 different veges in seedling trays: Cucumber, Pak Choy, Kailaan, Coz Lettuce, Rocket and Spring Onions.

First we had to make some seed-raising mix:

Seed raising mix prepared by us

Then we fill the seedling trays. We needed 10 filled:

Trays ready to go

Tania has found a quick method for creating a shallow recess in each cell where the seeds can then be planted:

Making little holes using a small seedling tray

Next we popped in the seeds and covered them with more seed raising mix:

Putting the seeds to bed...

Everything got a good water before we moved onto preparing the sprouts. Lots of learning, but I feel like we did a really good job (shall know for sure in a bout a week). It was a big morning, working solidly from 6.30 – 9.30, then a quick break before heading up the hill to harvest and weed the strawberries until lunch. I swear I could harvest strawberries every day!! Eating freshly picked strawberries, still warm from the sun is just amazing… hey, its part of the job…its called Quality Control.

Harry our pooch also had his first full day at the farm today. We were nervous about how he would handle it all. The wide open space. Being outdoors all day. His new dog pack. All the new human friends. The cows, the tractors. Happy to report, he handled himself just perfectly.

Harry with his Driza-Bone coat looking every bit the farm dog

Harry and Ozzie (another farm dog). These 2 will be great mates I reckon!

And Harry seemed to like his new companions and his new home site too!

Well, its good night from me. Got another 4am start tomorrow morning. And another big day with the delivery of our shipping container tomorrow after we finish farming. It will be very exciting to bring you photos of our established home site in the coming weeks…stay tuned

Michelle x


4 thoughts on “the landing pad

  1. You two are inspiring. So great to see it all coming together, that universe certainly is looking after you with that rock pool. Keep going with the challenge, I look forward to Sweet potato pudding for our xmas dessert xo And OMG, hazzy is so cute, can’t wait to dogsit him.

    • There will be camp sites available near the rock pool, only $50 extra per night 😉 Will be awesome to have you guys visit when we get fully set up. less than 4 weeks to go…the excitement is starting to kick in now, which is good coz we shall need it to push us through this last few weeks…

  2. That’s one awesome view, and one awesome dog! Oh to be a dog – if you’ve got loving owners it must be a wonderful, stress-free existence! Great to see things progressing, and so fast too! Congratulations you too. So wonderful to share this journey with you… thank you for keeping us updated!

    • Thanks Charles 🙂 We LOVE our view and we ADORE our dog! Things are really moving fast now and we should see some exciting progress in next couple of weeks. right now we are both smashed from having done some huge days at the farm. Today, I harvested Rocket, Radish, Green Beans, Curly Parsley, Pea Sprouts and Sunflower Sprouts…what a huge learning curve we are both on right now…but coping pretty well and the enthusiasm just keeps us going. Michelle (PS it’s really wonderful sharing our journey with you too! Thanks for being our most regular visitor :))

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