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Now is a time for new beginnings, with very bright prospects for the future. If you are in business you will see it start to really take off, moving into a period of fast growth. But there is a need to work closely with others. A mood of cooperation should prevail among friends, colleagues and family. It is vital not to have discord, otherwise good fortune will simply dissipate immediately, turning to misfortune. The image here is of the sun rising and bringing with it the bright light that transforms the earth into a magnificent place. There is a purity in the morning light and it reflects humankind’s intrinsic goodness.

From the new I Ching by Lillian Too

If one’s strength is great, one is able to progress and contribute one’s talent to society. It is like the rising sun shining upon all beings on the Earth. In the process of proceeding, one’s motivation should be pure. proceeding should be stable, gradual and steady.

From The Complete I Ching, by ALfred Huang

The image of the sun rising over the earth is the symbol of rapid, easy progress: ever-widening expansion and increasing clarity.

From I Ching by Richard Wilhelm

These three excerpts are taken from different interpretations of the ancient Chinese Book of Wisdom, known as the I Ching (pronounced ‘Yee King‘). The Chinese traditionally used the I Ching to try to understand the changing energies of the universe around them. They used it to divine the ‘true path or right attitude’ with which to approach the unfolding moments of their lives.

We decided to ‘throw’ the I Ching before we went out to meet with Rod & Tania a couple of weeks back. Each of these excerpts comes from the result of that reading, a selection referred to as ‘Easy Progress‘ in Wilhelm’s translation. Since that day, we have found our progress with everything to do with this dream has been incredibly easy. In the space of 7 days since our last post, we have manifested everything on our manifestation page: a digital video camera; a passenger van for transporting WWOOFer’s and a home for ourselves to live in on the farm in the shape of a caravan. Each of these things have come to us free of charge, without requesting them directly, just through sharing our plans and our needs with others. We are incredibly thankful for people’s generosity.

As you can imagine, it has been a mammoth week for us. At times, we have both become a bit overwhelmed and ungrounded. But as the sun rises today, everything is feeling a lot more manageable and easy. The biggest progression has been finding something to live in at the farm (thanks to Michelle’s folks, Diane & Brian, who have generously loaned us their caravan). We can now move forward knowing that we will have a roof – all 17 feet of it – over our heads! Yes, it’s going to be a big change from our current abode, our little ‘luxury villa’ in Byron Bay, which has more than enough space, and has been perfect for the past 18 months, but we think we can do it! Rachel is especially confident after living in a one bedroom apartment in central London for 10 months with her two best friends (plus as many as 3 visitors some weeks)! So Rach is practiced as cramped living conditions. Michelle’s take on it is that the abundance of natural outdoor space on the farm will more than make up for the loss of square feet underneath!

Another fantastic outcome from this week was catching up with our good friend Nicole from Brisbane, who informed us as we shared our story, that she and partner Andrew are getting rid of their Toyota minibus and are looking for a good home to donate it to! We have been dreaming of just such a bus, primarily so that we can start to bring WWOOFer’s to the farm in the new year. Managing WWOOFer’s (Willing Workers On Organic Farms) is something Rachel got to do when she worked for the permaculture Research Institute at The Channon. Being able to access this mobile workforce, who happily trade experience on Organic Farms for some food and accommodation will mean that we can potentially free us all up at the farm in order to focus on developing the bigger vision. This bus makes this dream almost instantly possible! Thanks Andrew & Nicole.

Another beautiful donation came through a new friend at TAFE, Wendy, who generously offered us her digital camcorder free of charge simply because she isn’t using it anymore. Wendy has given us everything we need to get started on documenting this journey with moving images, as we hope to do when we move to the farm. Thanks Wendy!

The other major concern that seems to be resolving itself effortlessly is around Michelle’s psychology practice. Our fears were that business would grind to a halt once word got out that Michelle was closing up shop, but in fact the reverse has almost been true. In this past 10 days she has had 5 new clients wanting to start with her and get in as many sessions as they can before she finishes. Without clients up until late November it would be impossible to pay the rent! It feels amazing that so many people are stepping up to take these final weeks appointments until our big move!!

Well on that note, it might be time to sign off and get to work. Have a great day.


3 thoughts on “easy progress

  1. Speaking of digital camcorders, I really need to start making some food vids of my own too! Glad you’ve managed to get one too! Looking forward to seeing the adventure with you 🙂

    • we’re following this unfolding story with great interest too dad!! it’s very exciting and things are really coming together beautifully. we’re hoping to get a surf in on the weekend, which will be gr8, hope you have a relaxing weekend too. xx

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