change of weather around these parts…

18 Aug 2011

Michelle says:

It feels like a change has taken place overnight and I am happy to report that this 24 hours has been a complete contrast to yesterday. We are both feeling more focused on moving things forward and feels like the fear has made way for excitement about the unknown changes ahead.

Tonight over dinner, we talked about ideas for preparing ourselves for a new lifestyle. We came up with the brilliant idea of recording the foods that we use throughout the year, (i.e., fruits, veggies, eggs, meat, dairy and grains), so that we can plan which crops we will need to plant and which animals we will need to have have in order to maintain a healthy diet year round. This was a really exciting discussion to have!

We are also planning a list of kitchen and household items we will need to buy in order to support a more simple, DIY lifestyle. We are keen to learn to make cheeses, mill our own grains and make all kinds of foods from scratch. We want to find a balance between labour and excessive possession of gadgets… Some items already featured on this ‘want list’ include, pasta maker, grain mill, and a variety of pots and jars for food storage.

We also discussed our current financial commitments in order to get an idea of how soon we can exit our current situation without financial penalty from phone, internet contracts and rental contracts. Our aim is to reduce our expenditure as much as possible, so that we can reduce our need to earn an income as much as possible. This will help make the transition ahead easier. This gives us a timeline between Dec 2011 and June 2012. Not that far away at all 🙂

Today, we had a great experience of being supported by the Universe. I had picked a whole bunch of citrus while at TAFE on Tuesday, and had planned to take it to the farm this week, but since I didn’t manage to get there, I suggested Rachel take it to her acupuncture appointment this morning with our local GP/Chinese Doctor. Last week we had given them a box of avocado’s to share with their patients and those had been really appreciated. Another patient also brought in some fresh produce and before Rachel left the clinic manager asked her if she would like some farm fresh eggs – Rachel replied, “Eggs are actually the only thing on our shopping list that we really need” and she came home triumphantly with 2 dozen eggs!!

She also had a really positive session of acupuncture and got a clear diagnosis of her chest infection – unfortunately its turned to asthma – but the doc thinks it can be turned around with the help of some medicine. She’s been looking a lot more optimistic all day! I think the idea of moving from this house has buoyed her spirits too! The damp and cold of living in the rainforest doesn’t seem to be good for either of us. The news from her doc was, “You need to live where there is more sunshine and away from the ocean – like a farm!” Well doc, that’s exactly what we have in mind…

Signing off in higher spirits, but hopefully also more grounded through sitting consciously with our little emotional and physical down-turn yesterday…



brand new day


4 thoughts on “change of weather around these parts…

  1. Good to hear things seem to be going better! Great idea to plan what crops to plant when. You can get a really good picture that way of what should be done when and not waste any precious resources or time.

    You mentioned needing eggs… do you have, or have you considered keeping, chickens?

    • hey Charles, we dream about keeping chickens, and hopefully that’s on the cards in not too distant future. Currently we don’t have the space to keep any livestock or grow any food, even herbs are just about impossible to grow here in the rainforest where we live. But this inconvenience has brought the unexpected benefit of connecting us to Rod and Tania at Summit Organics farm, where we are learning so much, and everything has really started to move forwards…

  2. Its that universe guys xo I was going to post that last night, the universe will look after it and it has. You two are good for each other and a positive light in our life. Keep up the adventures in growing xo

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