What a week!

Gosh, its been a jolly big week so far and still 2 days to go! Feeling pretty exhausted right now, but wanted to get a few thoughts down before sleep happens. Today at the farm we spent some time with the strawberries again. They needed a little more weeding. They haven’t really started to take off yet, as Rod explained that the soil is not quite warm enough yet, but they are happy and content as they are and ready to burst forth any week now. It might be about time to plant some, if you want to get some strawbs in your garden.

Farming Tip: You will notice from the photo here below that the strawbs are raised quite high. Pretty sure Rod said there were 6 layers of compost on top of a layer of sand… Apparently strawberries need good drainage, otherwise they can be susceptible to rot. All the green in the middle of the row is weeds, which we just removed 🙂

Raised beds help drainage

Weeding 3 strawberry beds took up most of the morning, but we did have some time to “dutch how the guts” between the rows of Shallots.

Farming Tip: Aidan explained, as we got busy with our hoes, that Onions as a general rule, do not like weeds at all. It seems to really put them off the business of growing because they are quite slow growers. Weeds, as you probably are aware, are quick little buggars, and so the onions will not do well with any competition at all. Very important!

We must have talked a lot at morning tea or lunch or both, because the afternoon seemed to disappear very quickly. We headed back out to plant some Broccoli and Dandelion, but only got three punnets of Dandelion tucked in before it was time to head back down the hill. It must be said that the energy was very low for us both, and in fact, Michelle slipped away early due to a headache and sat quietly, with Molly the dog keeping her company, and Rachel finished the rows of Dandelion on her own. Good one!

herbs, herbs, herbs

We are finishing off with this photo, a favourite from today, which is a cross section of the herbs, including the Coriander we weeded 2 weeks ago, looking amazing and some curly parsley and…not sure what’s behind that…still learning what everything is…but we love the big old tree in the background too 🙂

Have a great week and thanks for joining our adventures in growing x

A selection of the veggies we will be eating this week...

PS. I couldn’t resist one more image, taken tonight, of the harvest from the farm, lovingly picked by Tania. Baby carrots, shallots, broccoli, radish, parsley, coriander, asian greens, sweet potato and tatsoi (featured here) plus some other goodies…

Thanks guys, your food is amazing and we love that we can participate in growing it with you!

Goodnite x


6 thoughts on “What a week!

  1. Just came by from another blog. Wow – what a fantastic journey it looks like you’re having here. Is all of that really all yours? It’s so beautiful, really! I’d love to be able to do something like this – the lifestyle you’re aiming to have, being in harmony with nature, really appeals to me so much. Unfortunately I’m living in an apartment right now, and plan to move one day to North Sweden (hardly an ideal place to “live off the land”) but I can still dream, right? 🙂

    • Hi Charles, its lovely that you dropped by and shared your journey with us a little bit too! and don’t stop dreaming, because you never know what might be possible… I think we are all going to be needing to live more closely with nature, so perhaps the world will change in ways we can’t even imagine…and you’ll be able to do something even in sweden…warmest wishes, michelle and rachel

    • Hi Karen,

      Thanks for visiting. Yes, it is a solid day at the farm, however, it never feels pressured or stressful, everyone just gets in and does their best on the day. The veggies are a great reward and we are learning so much about growing from Rod and Tania at Summit Organics. They are incredibly passionate about their food and so generous in spirit. Hope you enjoyed the read.
      Warm wishes, Michelle & Rachel

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