Weeks 2, 3 & 4: so much to learn, so much to eat!

Week 2

June 15: Our second farm adventure. Excited to be back. The ute ride as good as we remember it! Today we did lots of weeding. Lucky we both like it (and can’t understand why anyone would use sprays to forego the pleasure). Molly (the dog) following Michelle around all day. She seemed to take a shine to her right from the get go, and today was constantly bowling her over with kisses while Michelle was trying to weed and plant!! A sun-shower and a rainbow, in full arc, framing Wollumbin (Mt Warning). Tania wanted some photos of their produce at the market stall at the Gold Coast Organic Farmer’s Market, and Michelle volunteered to take photos – another passion of hers.

the most lovable farm dog


Try to avoid getting dirt in the lettuce as you weed. This spoils the heads!

Keep weeds from getting too high as this blocks sunlight to growing lettuce and impacts growth.

Keep an eye out for Molly at all times, she’s got a lot of love to give 🙂

Week 3

June 22: Today we planted kale, and did some more weeding (yay) amongst the lettuce and the spinach. In order to do the spinach, we had to learn how to remove these protective covers from metal supports that cover and protect spinach from big winds as they are very delicate and tear easily if mishandled. After this we removed radish seedlings from strawberry beds, which had snuck in through some old seed mix (cheeky radishes). There is always lots to talk about as we are farming. And always plenty of silence too!

Weather-wise it was warm and clear all day but sadly No rainbows 😦 Molly still being really affectionate with us both. Her favourite trick is to sneak up when we are crouched down and lick our faces! At lunchtime there was lots of energy for new ideas. Everyone checked out Michelle’s photos from the market stall at Miami and didn’t the produce look fantastic! Tania prepared us a bag of food to take home (lettuce, ginger, radish, sweet potatoes, parsley, bok choy). Rod suggested we talk to Dave Forrest from Wollongbar TAFE about Organic Farming courses locally.

Lessons: Radishes do not go with strawberries. Strawberries might look like they are dying (outer most and oldest leaves) but check as they often have new sprouts coming through 🙂

Rachel shows us her weeding technique

Week 4

June 29: Rainy day today, so the three girls cleaned out the nursery while the boys did some stuff up top. As we cleaned up, we chatted about ideas again, there seems to be no shortage of them, so Rachel suggested a brainstorm board to keep track of everyone’s suggestions for the farm. By lunch time the brainstorm board was up and Tania had written her first idea on it. Rachel added one too! The nursery looks amazing – grow little seedlings, grow!

Michelle is in Pea sprout heaven

Then Tania showed us how to harvest pea-sprouts. So cute and yummy. After talking with Rod about possible ways to learn more, Rachel met Dave Forrest by chance (synchronicity) out at The Lismore Markets, and we are looking into doing a Certificate 4 in Organic Farming at TAFE. Rachel goes to Wollongbar campus tomorrow to find out about it. This might mean Clinical Psychology gets the boot.

Time for a spring clean

Lessons: Cleaning the clear plastic wall in nursery during winter is beneficial as it lets in more light and helps little seedling babies to grow!

We also learned that when planting seedlings you need to ask yourself when is the latest in the season that we can harvest the produce? You don’t want to plant seedlings if they aren’t going to get their growing in before this date.

Well, there’s much more we could share, but hope you’ve enjoyed us filling you in on our first few weeks. Stay tuned, more adventures coming soon…


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