fear makes way for excitement…

So now you know a little about how we came to be writing this blog about our adventures of learning to grow our own food…and grow ourselves along the way!

We pick up the story where we left off; having just made contact with a friendly organic farm, Summit Organics of Tyalgum, who graciously accepted our request to trade labour for learning…

Rachel says:

What’s amazing is how quickly things start moving once you take the leap and begin a new path. So much has happened in just a few short weeks, we haven’t even had time to stop and write down our reflections. So from this point on our intention is to do a weekly blog that keeps a real time update of our adventures. But right here, right now, in front of the fireplace, we are going to briefly reflect on and re-capture the first 4 weeks of our adventures in growing…

Firstly, we were excited!! So excited that we took a drive the weekend before we were due to start and did a ‘recon’ (reconnaissance) of the location. We told ourselves that this was purely practical, so that we would not get lost on our first day. But really I think we both knew that we just wanted to be out there, see it, and to take that first step on the path towards our dream.

Michelle says:

I remember driving out of Murwilumbah heading for Tyalgum, having never taken this road before, and just loving the scenery; the creeks and streams, the Border ranges ahead of us, and Wollumbin (or Mt Warning) to the left…rolling hills everywhere, cows, horses, ducks and… and a sense of stillness and timelessness…

We had heard from folks at the Lismore Organic Markets that Rod and Tania’s farm was special, but nothing could have prepared us for just how stunning it is. We drove through Tyalgum and headed out of town another 15 minutes. We hit a dirt road and kept going and soon arrived at our destination. There at the end of this long country road, curled into the lap of the Border Ranges national park, was the farm.

By this time we were both off our heads with excitement! The natural beauty of the place, the deciduous trees, the farms, the babbling brooks, the surrounding mountains…. Little did we know that the view from where the food actually grows is even more spectacular. We weren’t expected that day, so we just drove to the end of the road, just a couple of doors up and noticed the Tyalgum Ridge Retreat was for sale and we dreamed together about winning Lotto and buying the retreat so we could hold training and retreats about Organic Farming and Healing through Nature…

Well, if its not already clear, by the end of this ‘recon’ trip we were feeling so good about starting our journey in this place and there was so much expectation about meeting Rod and Tania and seeing the farm up close. We drove home filled to the brim with excitement, hope and joy. Looking back at this now, I realise that the extent of our fulfillment was amazing, and we hadn’t even gotten beyond the front gate…

the view driving to the farm...


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